Annotation guidelines for the visual domain

After the visual maptask corpus has been recorded, annotation guidelines for the visual modality are developed. In parallel to the verbal transcriptions, the first version of the visual annotation guidelines is underway to be tested on the pilot recordings. The guidelines are largely informed by guidelines suggested by David McNeill and the MUMIN scheme. The aim was to take the advantages from both schemes and simplifying the new guidelines without a major loss of information and detail. The guidelines are tailored to the needs of (i) annotating nonverbal feedback as well as the movements of the interlocutor and (ii) annotating vast quantities of data. If improvements to the guidelines are necessary, a second version is to be created that is then used for the annotate the visual maptask corpus. According to time constraints, a strict limit to a certain amount of data or a focus on the verbal feedback items might be envisaged, but has not been decided yet.

The annotations of the visual behaviour will be used in two manners. On the one hand, a qualitative analysis of interactional sequences will be performed using methods of CA. On the other hand, a quantitative analysis is used for a general overview on the visual resources used by participants of task-oriented dialogues and in particular for statistical support.

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