• Principal Investigator
  • Laurent Prévot, Associate Professor (Discourse, Natural Language Processing)
  • Other members
  • Roxane Bertrand, Senior Researcher (Prosody, Conversation)
  • Brigitte Bigi, Senior Researcher (Natural Language Processing)
  • Mariapaola D’Imperio, Professor (Prosody)
  • Robert Espesser, Research Engineer (Statistical Modeling)
  • Jan Gorisch, Post-Doctoral Researcher (Prosody, Conversational Analysis)
  • Mathilde Guardiola, PhD Student (Conversation, Interaction)
  • Caterina Petrone, Researcher (Prosody)
  • Cristel Portes, Associate Professor (Prosody, Discourse)
  • Béatrice Priego-Valverde, Associate Professor (Conversation, Interaction)
  • Marion Tellier, Associate Professor (Gesture, Kinesics)
  • Associated members
  • Philippe Blache, Researcher Director (Syntax, Computational Linguistics)
  • Stéphane Rauzy, Research Engineer (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Statistical Modeling)

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